Exploring Watercolor 101

"The journey this course takes you through is wonderful. The skills I learned and art I created blow me away. I never imagined that I would be able to create any kind of art, much less beautiful art. But because of this course, I have a whole wall of art that is mine, and I smile every time I look at it. Now, a little voice inside of me says:
“Maybe I am an artist.” Thank you, Kolbie! What a gift!"

— Sherri W.

"The skills I learned and art I created blow me away."

Believe it or not, I've been in your shoes.

Unlike a lot of other art teachers, I didn't go to art school, and I don't have decades of experience. In fact, until about five years ago, I was pretty sure my artistic skill level maxed out at stick figures.

I used to think I was terrible at art, too.

Now, I'm a full-time artist, author, and online creative educator.

I've taught more than 20,000 students worldwide to love watercolor -- all because one day in February 2016, I had the courage to ask myself: "Wait, why can't I do that?"

Here's my little secret...

Your one-stop-shop from "oh, I'm not an artist" to "why, yes, I did paint that masterpiece!"
I built this small-but-mighty version of my signature watercolor program so people like you could still get the value without having to break the bank.


Exploring Watercolor 101: LITE

Knowing your materials inside and out makes your art journey so much easier. Module One has both a quick overview and full deep dive of all the tools you'll need to succeed. Whether you're a beginner on a budget, or you're looking to upgrade your art toolkit, I've done all of the research so you don't have to.

Before you can break the rules like an artist... you need to learn them like a pro. Module Two outlines the basic techniques you'll need for every watercolor painting and how to use them in step-by-step projects.

Here’s what's inside...

The Right Tools

A Strong Foundation

Module one

Module Two

Throughout the course and especially in Module Four, there are 10 of my favorite step-by-step projects for you to build on what you've learned and practice implementing in stunning, relaxing designs, ranging from landscapes to galaxies, patterns and more.

Projects for days

Module Four 

In Module Three, we'll take a look at the basics of color theory and color mixing so you know how to make the most of your tools and bring emotion to your paintings.

Color Theory

Module three


The Art Explorer Path

Equipping you with all the basic tools and techniques to confidently create your adventure


Plenty of opportunity for guided, hands-on experience to translate your new skills to real breakthroughs


Tips, tricks, and a path forward to discovering your own creative potential outside your comfort zone


“Kolbie is THE most approachable teacher out there when it comes to watercolor. She breaks down everything you need to know into easy-to-follow lessons and modules.”


discovered her potential


“My 10-year-old son and I have both taken her class, both with limited knowledge of art, and we were able to understand and create something beautiful. She broke it down... to help us feel more confident.”


 made memories with her son


“This course has everything one could need to start the watercolor journey! Kolbie is an amazing teacher and built a beautiful community. Her mindset and encouraging words, useful feedback, and the community made this journey one of a kind.”


loved the community


This year has been a rough one. Art can't take away your challenges... but it can give you a safe space to feel and explore.

are you ready to invest in yourself?

When you enroll in Exploring Watercolor 101: LITE, you'll also gain access to an exclusive Facebook group where you can connect and learn with other students in the class. 

Worried you won't make time to really dig in? Looking for some friends to help?

Art Explorers Community

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and another thing...

you are an artist...
you just need a little guidance

"Natural talent" is overrated, and understanding paintings doesn't have to be a big mystery...

They all start one stroke at a time.

I've been where you are.
That's how I know I can help.

 For most of my life, I had a serious mental block when it came to art. I genuinely believed art wasn't in my skillset -- and, honestly? I was 100% fine with that...

...until I wasn't anymore. At some point, I started to wonder. And yearn. And be a little sad about the fact that art "just wasn't my thing."

That's when I realized what was really stopping me: 

I was afraid that I would never measure up, would never belong as an artist, and everyone would know.

But here's the thing: learning a new creative skill isn't about "measuring up" -- it's about digging deep and connecting with who you are right now, in the messy middle of things. Because the mess is where the magic is.

you have to give yourself permission to make messy, awkward, imperfect art if you want to find the joy.

if I can do it,
so can you

Making your creativity a priority...

Embracing yourself as a real artist...

Gaining the tools & techniques that will take your art skills even further...

Building a creative practice that will help make everyday challenges a little easier to bear...

Letting go of perfectionism and discovering the power in making wild, messy art...

Feeling more connected to yourself, your sense of wonder, and your creativity...

Exploring your own unique artistic style...

If you want 2022 to be the year you finally commit to...

...join us!


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