Painting the Wilderness

a totally doable, totally free 10-day watercolor challenge to kickstart new creative adventures.

your inner artist is calling...

The first-ever challenge, with projects exploring beginner mountains, forests, fields, and more

A voyage through the seas, lakes, rivers, and all things water

Celebrating stunning color palettes and harmonies in the wild

round 3: color

round 2: seascapes

round 1: landscapes

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How does
it work?

Paint along with the daily tutorials at your own pace -- they will always be available!



let's break it down:

Ditch perfectionism -- focus on what you loved and what you learned for each painting


Post your work to Instagram for a chance to be featured! Use #paintingthewilderness and @thiswritingdesk


Explore your new watercolor skills with bonus photos and resources!


Each Painting the Wilderness challenge has 10 unique step-by-step projects inside -- these are not repeats of past work! By the end of the challenge, you'll have a solid toolkit of ideas to use on your next creative adventure.

No experience? No problem! I've curated each challenge with beginners and more experienced watercolor artists in mind -- even with the more challenging scenes, I'll break each step down to a totally doable pace, while still providing ample opportunity to take your own creative sidequests.

(free doesn't mean cheap around here)

painting a unique perspective

beginners welcome.
experts too.

explore far and wide

back to basics

Even after the challenge is over, I'll send you off with tips and resources for incorporating creative experiences like this into your everyday life -- because the magic of watercolor never has to end!

make life creative, all the time.

everyday exploring

Through my tried-and-true self-reflection process, we'll work through your creative experience with self-compassion, curiosity, and connection -- so you can grow in skill and experience without sacrificing your self-worth. 

grow your own way.

shame-free progress

What will I learn?

Here's what
you'll need:


Some combo of the primaries (red, yellow, and blue) will be good! Sign up for a list of my favorites.


Round number 2, 6, and 10 are my favorites for beginners! 


Watercolor paper, 140 lb (300 gsm) 
100% cotton is the best, but student-grade also works!

ready to get started? let's go! >