A beginner's guide to forging your own watercolor adventure.

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wilderness watercolor landscapes

Satisfy your wanderlust...
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No matter how long it's been since your last art lesson (or your last trip to the mountains), learning to paint the wilderness has never been more approachable or fun. Especially when the worries of the world are weighing you down, an art adventure into the wilderness might be just what you need to remember that hope and magic are alive and thriving all around you... 

...the only question is, what are you waiting for?

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"These paintings are so detailed and gorgeous, my city-girl self just wants to dive into them like Mary Poppins."

Alli Koch, artist and bestselling author of How to Draw Modern Florals

My whole goal with this book is to make watercolor landscapes doable at every skill level. The projects start simple with basic techniques and gain more depth and complexity as your skill level deepens. By the end, you'll have 30 stunning scenes worthy of displaying in any home.

30 Stunning Landscape Scenes


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In addition to 30 unique projects, here are some of the topics we'll cover in the book:

- my favorite supplies + how to use them
- basic watercolor techniques
- wilderness subjects like skies, mountains, trees, flowers, and bodies of water
- wilderness techniques like mist and depth
- color theory basics
- and more!

Want to test out the material before taking the leap? I did a YouTube livestream of one of my very favorite projects of the book, and you can watch the replay right this minute.

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- Peggy Dean, bestselling author and creator of
The Pigeon Letters

"There's just something about nature captured through watercolor, and Kolbie has done a wonderful job of creating harmony in her techniques to draw attention to the earth's elements. The bonus part is that she's here to share her brilliance so everyone can paint along, creating new life into pieces of their very own."

There's just something about nature captured through watercolor...

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“Talented teacher, author, and artist Kolbie leads you on an artistic adventure filled with cotton candy skies and happy little trees, flowing wildflowers and misty mountain peaks. With detailed step by step instructions and beautiful color palette ideas, you will watercolor a wonderland of entertaining painting masterpieces.”

- Sarah Simon of
The Mint Gardener, artist and bestselling author of Modern Watercolor Botanicals

An artistic adventure.

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- Shelly Kim, lettering artist and author of Digital Hand Lettering and Modern Calligraphy

"Painting landscapes looks super intimidating, but Kolbie introduces landscapes in such a fun and beautiful way. This book is definitely one that should be added to your collection--it's that good!"

This book should definitely be added to your collection.

the reviews are in

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"Kolbie is such a wonderfully talented artist and teacher, and this book doesn't disappoint. So much detail and beautiful work and explanation!"

 Jenna Rainey, artist, educator, and bestselling author of Everyday Watercolor and Everyday Watercolor Flowers

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