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If you think you're terrible at art, you're in the right place.

Look, I get it. As much as you want to believe that whole "everyone is creative" nonsense, you know what you're capable of -- and so far, it's proven to be anything but creative genius.

But what if I told you that you don't have to shoot for creative genius? What if even just a little imperfect art every day could give you more courage, clarity, and connection in your life?

my name is kolbie, and I'm here to help make space for your creativity.

Online Art Class


Watercolor is my love language, and so is making content that has you saying "hey, I bet I can do that!" 

My online classroom is full of courses, tutorials, and resources great for both beginner artists and creative veterans.

Wilderness Watercolor Landscapes

my Book

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I wrote a book on my favorite watercolor subject: painting the wilderness. With 30 stunning step-by-step scenes that anyone can master, this book is perfect for artists at every level. Grab your brush, and let's go exploring!

Custom Commissions

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I specialize in loose landscapes that take your breath away (with the option of some pretty words mixed in). Let's chat about your dream project.

Looking for something else?

Most people are surprised to hear I'm self-taught, but it's 100% true -- art is a new and messy and lifechanging adventure for me, and that's why I'm so passionate about helping closet creatives (like you!) say "actually, I think I can do that" and embrace the power in their imperfections.

Hi, friend. 
I'm Kolbie Blume...

...and I used to think I was terrible at art, too.

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"What are the best watercolor supplies for beginners?" is probably my most received question, like ever. That's why I made this FREE guide! Head here to get the goods.


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“Kolbie is such an engaging teacher. She includes a lot of top tips so that you take away more than just knowing how to paint one picture. Love her classes!” — Valerie

“Kolbie is THE most approachable teacher out there when it comes to watercolor. She breaks down everything you need to know into easy-to-follow lessons and modules.” — Holly S.

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